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Self-Reflection & Reclamation


I gravitated to the arts early in life as a way to constructively channel my psycho-emotional energy. Films, novels, music & the visual arts grounded my focus & maintained my sanity while I experienced physical isolation, social alienation & immobilizing health conditions.

I explored the dramatic arts, creative writing & film studies but chose to pursue formal training in the visual arts (M.F.A. in Drawing & Intermedia) ~ a decision that was highly influenced by Surrealism, a revolutionary cultural movement that explored the unconscious mind in response to the trauma of World War I.    

It inspired me to move beyond art-making as purely a personal outlet for self-expression, into the field of expressive arts as a profound modality for self-discovery, healing & empowerment ~ bringing the unconscious to light, transforming chaos into order & re-visioning the experiences of our lives with the power of creative agency.

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