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Over my 20 years as an artist, I have witnessed the form of my work gradually change and transform. It has been a document of a journey from the outside to the inside, from the external and objective world to an inner and subjective reality.


My once large and hyper-real artworks, based in observation and expressed in painstaking detail, have became smaller over time, more symbolic, intuitive, and reflective of the visions of the mind’s eye.


Then they became smaller still, going deeper, past the mind, to the raw and abstract, the instinctual and emotive. ‘Little Emotions’ is a tiny-art series featuring abstract expressionist paintings no larger than 3"x3".


Each piece is an intimate snapshot, expressing elusive, fleeting, and often complicated emotions, states, and sensations. As an artist, I am still an observer, only now, I explore the unknown territory within.

Powerful forces hide within small things ~ catalytic agents capable of triggering great changes once awakened.



Abstract Paintings, 2014