Out of dark space, a light emerges, and from it, a universe, perfect and self-contained.

Soon, this universe longs for self-reflection and so divides in order to witness itself.

A great polarity is then manifest, an interplay of dualities, and each take their turn to support the whole.

They hold each other transfixed in their cyclical movements, a creative tension resonating between them, where there lies a desire to unite with the Other.

Their ultimate convergence creates a space, a creative void, out of which a third, new, and utterly whole universe is born.

In this way, from the void came the one, and from the one, the many… an ever-expanding pulse of being.

It is a tale of that which splits itself apart, to reunite, and to create itself anew, again and again…



Mandala Drawings, 2014/2019 *

* Images 1-12: Graphite & Ink on Paper, 7"x7", 2014.

Image 13:  Ink on Paper, 7"x7", 2019.

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