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As a human species, we seek connection, but all too often feel alienated or separated from some deeper unknown we cannot place (or face). Fragmented like puzzle pieces, we seek to fill the inner voids of ourselves, to belong with others in relationships, and to fit into the bigger picture of life.


Often, our search for connection can be aimless and painful. Finding rejection or misunderstanding, we may further retreat into isolation, or try to force connections that simply don't work, or we may twist ourselves into something we aren't in order to be accepted.
If we remain divided (from ourselves, from others, from our environment) a pervasive sense of an emptiness we cannot fill can drive us to distraction, addiction, even madness. But while we may feel alone and lacking, we are still parts of a whole, and together, the pieces start to make sense.

Each one of us holds a secret and unique story - a personal narrative that opens up to a larger and more meaningful one when expressed to others who share a connective bond. Then - as incomplete and flawed as we may seem to be - we belong.


Charcoal & Ink Drawings, 1998-2006

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